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Microimmunoterapy Vanda Homeopathic

The microimmunoterapia is a specific system for homeopathic cures diseases related to immune system problems.

Immunotherapy in infinitesimal doses, or microimmunoterapia, is a specific homeopathic treatment system related illnesses immune system dysfunctionBoth in the sense of functional deficits in both sense of hyperactivity. Immunotherapy in infinitesimal doses is based on the administration of substances with immunomodulatory action appropriately diluted and dynamized; these are mainly nucleic acids, cytokines and monoclonal antibodies.

Microimmunoterapia: mode of action in infinitesimal doses

Immunotherapy in infinitesimal doses (Microimmunoterapia) is not based on classical homeopathy Hahnemann elements, but rather is based on the principles of biological similarity (the healthy care organ analog diseased organ).

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