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Biogroup is a small and consolidated company founded and animated by simple people, with great history and competence in the natural world.

The combination of these experiences, the contribution and enthusiasm of young and prepared forces, philosophy and basic ethics have produced a synergy that creates a unique reality of its kind: slim, dynamic, innovative.

A widespread presence on the territory, ensured by a network of highly professional scientific informant, has allowed a direct relationship with the prescriber, favoring a continuous exchange of ideas and considerations that promotes a common growth.

A qualified Scientific Committee, composed of professionals with proven experience in the field of Natural Medicine, ensures seriousness and safety, representing, at the same time, a sure reference in the field of research and clinical application.

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-15% New
Acido Ialuronico Potenziato delle Fate
Acqua Distillata di Camomilla 200ml
Acqua Distillata Petali di Rosa


13.90€ 16.90€

Aerosol MESH NB500 Aerosol MESH NB500


83.00€ 98.00€

Aerosol Omron COMP A-I-R ECO Aerosol Omron COMP A-I-R ECO


49.00€ 59.00€