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DMAE O.T.I. Cosmetics

The DMAE used in the formulation of the DMAE NEW CONCEPT cosmeceuticals is a stabilized derivative and made more absorbable by entering in a structure of complex active substance -phospholipids.

Activities of DMAE

Fights free radicals and hydroxyl radicals

  • Fights oxidative stress


    • Improves the cohesion of keratinocy-tes (skin stabilizer)
    • Improves skin moisture levels
    • Improves the nutrition and the skin's defenses (vasodilation).
    • It stimulates the turnover of keratinocytes.


    The development philosophy of this range has led to the choice of active substances at high technology designed to make them particularly bioa-vailable and well tolerated through the formation of complexes with natural de-rivatives.

    DMAE Cleanser

    Face cleanser, neck and decolletè delicate based on DMAE and Glycolic Acid.It gently removes the excess of sebum, dead cells and it standardizes the excessive ..


    DMAE Mandelato

    DMAE Mandelato Fluid gel based on DMAE, mandelic acid. The combined peeling DMAE (lifting effect) and mandelic acid (effect of cellular renewal) allows to obtai..


    DMAE Mask

    DMAE Mask Facial mask based on DMAE (liposomes), AlphaLipoic Acid stabilized, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Bisa-bolol, Aloe vera (gel)Rosehip oil. The product has a..


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