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About Us

We are a company specialized in marketing of homeopathy, phytotherapy and food supplements. 

The team is formed by graduates in Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmacy.
Our working experience comes from public and private pharmaceutical structures, and from various specialized courses in natural medicine and, of course in homeopathy and herbal medicine.
For this reason at the “FARMA POINT - Homeopathy at your home” you can always find a helpful and professional advice to solve minor and major problems that plague your everyday life.
You can choose from natural medicine or the "alternative" one, for effective solution. FARMA POINT always offers many advantageous purchase to its customers.
All these products can be also booked on-line with home delivery or picked up at our store.
We also organized meetings with experts, in the form of days dedicated to topics of interest in health and wellness.
Before purchasing please read the "Terms and Conditions".
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