Terms & Conditions

The service

The service offered by  Farma Point S.r.l.  allows you to receive, at home in 24 hours, homeopathy products - herbal remedies and dietary supplements from all existing companies on the market. You can look for products hard to find in your area, or simply get an idea of our offers browsing among the various existing brands. It will be all without leaving your home or your office. Orders can be made by phone, online, fax, e-mail or filling in the form of free inquiry.
Homeopathy - Phytotherapy - Food Supplements
Phytocosmetic products: anti-cellulite, anti-stretch marks, wrinkles cream, moisturizer, hair products, and more products for men.
Childhood: the best natural products for care, cleaning, health of a child. 
Hygiene: hypoallergenic products for sensitive and delicate for skin and hair.
Supplements for Sport: the best brands of sports supplements.
Diagnostic tools: sphygmomanometer, aerosol, and other medical tools.
A free service (see table below).
Delivery of homeopathic and herbal remedies without any additional transportation charge.
All in 24/48 hours, comfortably at home, with payment on delivery.
  • Rome (within G.R.A.): 6/24 hours (with option to pay at home with cash on delivery) free delivery with orders greater than € 65, whereas for orders smaller than € 65 you will have to pay the contribution of € 6,90.
  • Italy: 24 hours free shipping with an order greater than € 65, but smaller than € 65 euro you will have to pay a contribution of € 6.90
  • Islands: Sicily, Sardinia: 48 hours (free shipping with a minimum expenditure of € 65) Under the € 65 euro cost contribution € 6.50
  • Europe: 24 hours (excluding delivery charges)
* If you want the cash payment on delivery you will add the sum of € 4.00
TO ORDER JUST CALL: (0039) 06 89013476 - 06 7851326
from 9.00 to 19.00, Monday to Friday - Saturday from 9.00 to 13.00
Send the medical recipes is possible by fax to the number: 06 89013476 with all your personal data: Name, Address, Phone, Tax Code.
In the event that not all products are available for delivery in a shopping order, all the products will be dispatched in a single shipping solution, at the arrival of the missing products. However, Farma Point S.r.l. reserves the right to deliver the orders even if partially.
Terms of Payment
X-pay payment by credit card. (Credit Card by phone)
For Visa, Master Card: Please call (0039) 06.89013476 and communicate us the card number and the card expire date for your shopping by phone! 
It is by far the best payment system for distance selling. 
You can also do the same filling out the form on-line.
XPAY Info:
Credit card payment benefits:
Immediate savings: You do not have to pay the cost of the marking.
Comfort guaranteed: you do not need handle money with the courier service.
The bill on your card will be charged only when your order will be shipped.
Secure Payment: All information is encrypted and protected against abuse and fraud.
In case of returned goods, the reimbursement will be made directly on your credit card (Visa, MasterCard and Visa Electron)
Use the credit card for your shopping on Farma Point and handiness and reliability will make your life easier!
BANK TRANSFER: During your purchase, our current account information will be sent to you in order to complete the payment. 
PAYPAL: One of the safest systems of sale totally free of charge. Learn more about www.paypal.it
OTHER: Before purchasing by other payment methods please contact us by phone at (0039) 06.89013476 or by e-mail at the address: info@farmapointsrl.com
Express Courier Delivery: 
Deliveries are made by courier TNT Italy. In the case of delivery by courier, the courier makes the first delivery without advanced notice. In case of absence of the Customer, the courier will leave a notice in your postbox and he will try again the delivery within 24 hours; in case of further absence, will be left another notice by the carrier and the Customer will be contacted by the courier service for a third attempt. If the third attempt will be unsuccessful, the Customer will be contacted by the Farma Point call center, in order to define the details of delivery. If the fourth attempt will not succeed, the goods will return to Farm Point S.r.l. with cancellation of the order and to the costumer will be charged the shipping cost.
Receipt of Goods: Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the Customer is in duty bound to check:
  • The number of boxes as indicated in the transport document;
  • The packaging is not damaged, wet or altered, including the sealing materials (adhesive tape or metal clips).
Any damage or the mismatch in the number of packages, must be immediately reported to the carrier who is making the delivery, adding the wording ''Goods received unchecked” on the appropriate document. And it is also necessary contact immediately our store by registered mail to: Farma Point S.r.l. – Via Giorgio Scalia 5/a , Post code 00136, Rome (Italy).
Please note: If you accept the shipping without affixing the necessary reserves to the goods delivered, you cannot claim to Farma Point any missing or damage due to the shipping, but it is possible to file a claim only to the carrier.
We want inform our Customers that the wording "Pack accepted with reserve to check" is not taken in account by the courier and he does not accept any claims for damages, so the check must be done in the same time of the shipping. Any hidden defects (e.g. theft or missing items) must be reported by registered mailto: Farm Point Ltd Administration - within seven days. Each report over these terms will not be taken in account. For each notification, the Customer assumes full responsibility for all what is stated in.
All orders have a period of fulfillment and delivery of a minimum 24 hours (excluding Saturday and Sunday and holiday periods listed on our website). In urgent cases please call us. In case of delay (rare) the Customers will be informed. Saturday, Sunday and holidays are not considered business days. Please note: Farma Point S.r.l. is not responsible for any delay in transit. Transit time is provided by the carrier (excluding public holidays) and can vary depending on the place, and during holiday periods.
Farma Point S.r.l. is not responsible for damages caused by carriers during the transport of goods. In order to guarantee your goods in case of damage you have to choose the insured shipment or apply the insurance on the parcel. If the goods were damaged during an insured shipment, and the damage is immediately visible, it is necessary to notify it to the carrier, taking the goods with "Reserve". The courier will write down the damage and your report will be sent to the shipment company. If the damage (or the theft) is found after that courier is already gone away, then you have to contact us to receive instructions about what to do. 
Any additional shipping charges”to” and “from” will be charged to the Customer.
Return and Refund Policy
The right of withdrawal is regulated by Legislative Decree no. 206 of 06/09/2005. The Customer (i.e. a person who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or does the purchase without indicate a reference to VAT) is entitled to terminate the purchase contract for any reason. 
To exercise this right, the Customer must send to Farma Point S.r.l. a notice within 10 working days from the date of receipt of goods. The notice of withdrawal must be sent by registered mailto: Farma Point S.r.l. – Via Giorgio Scalia 5/A -00136, Rome (Italy).
The communication may be noticed in advance by email to the address given on the contact page, but it must be confirmed by registered mail within 48 hours. 
Without prejudice to any repair costs for damage to the original packaging, Farma Point will refund the entire amount already paid from the Customer by bank transfer within 30 days from the receipt of withdrawal communication. Therefore, the Customer shall promptly provide for his bank details (IBAN) in order to obtain a refund. 
The right of withdrawal is lost for lack of the essential integrity of the property (the packaging and / or its content), or where Farma Point S.r.l. finds: 
  • Using of any part of any good and supplies; 
  • Lack of the outer packaging and / or internal packaging; 
  • Damage of any product for other reasons than transportation; 
  • Lack of elements of the products included in the original package (accessories, parts, etc...) 
In the case above, Farma Point S.r.l. will send back to the sender the items purchased, charging the shipping costs. 
Please note: It is not possible claim the right to cancel the order for who purchase with VAT number. 
Terms of Withdrawal 
The right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions: 
  • The law is applied to product purchased in its entirety; it is not possible to exercise the right of withdrawal in a single part of a product purchased; 
  • The law does not apply on open products; 
  • The products must be sent back intact and in the original package, complete in all its parts. To avoid damage to the original package, where is possible we recommend to put it in another box. It is also necessary remember to avoid the application of labels or adhesive tape directly on the original packaging of the product. 
According to the law, the shipping costs for the returning of the property will be paid by the Customer. Until the certification of receipt in our warehouse, the expedition is the responsibility of the Customer; in case the goods are damaged during transport, Farma Point S.r.l.  will inform the Customer about it (within 5 working days of receiving the goods in their stores), in order to make possible to file a timely complaint against the carrier for a refund of the value of the goods (if insured), in this case the product will be made available to the Customer in restitution, and at the same time the request for withdrawal will be cancelled. 
Farma Point S.r.l. will not respond in any way for damages or theft / loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments; on arrival at the warehouse, the products will be examined in order to assess any damages not caused by transport. If the package and / or the original packaging are damaged, Farma Point S.r.l. will subtract from the total refund a percentage, in any case not more than 10% of its value, as a contribution to the costs of restoration. 
Statement of Leg. 30.06.2003 n. 196 
Code in protection and preservation of the privacy rights of individuals
  • According to the Legislative Decree article n.13 of 30.06.2003 n.196 ("Code  protection and preservation of the privacy rights of individuals") we  inform that personal data shall be processed through registration and recorded on magnetic devices, for commercial purposes, direct sales, promotional offers of goods and services by the mail, by website and eventually by phone (by SMS and MMS), in order to send advertising material, statistics, market research; 
  • Some data are required for the purpose of the shopping orders and a refusal about these data will make the order invalid, other data (e.g. phone number) are optional and allow the companies to improve their Customer service; a refusal will provide no consequences for your shopping order; 
  • Collection and process of personal data, provided by newsletter Web subscribing, are exclusively designed for advertising by periodical newsletters and other business communications, the provision of data is optional and any refusal from costumer will make it stop, but in any case it is always possible to file a complaint to such treatment by writing to the administrator at: info@farmapointsrl.com 
  • The costumer who has indicated his phone number or his mobile number and e-mail address, may be contacted for service communications through one of these ways, and with the his consent he may receive marketing communications by SMS. 
  • The data will not be disclosed; 
  • The data may be shared with: subjects specifically commissioned, which employees and other co-workers (for necessary treatment of the order or for purposes of sending advertising materials), and the commissioned parties engaged in the shipping or providing specific services strictly functional to the contract, such as:
    • Transporters 
    • Companies that provide payment services 
    • Couriers
    • Provider of our web site and its contributors 
  • The Customer / user has the right to deny in whole or in part, writing to the administrator by e-mail:
    • For legitimate reasons to the processing of personal data, pertinent to the purpose of collection; 
    • For processing of personal data for purposes of sending advertising material, direct sales, market surveys or commercial communications.